Nice Words

From commissions: 

“I have worked with Rebecca for the cover illustrations of two of my poetry collections and she is a joy for any author to work with. She listens closely, and understands what’s needed, but is never afraid to bring in creative suggestions of her own. But most importantly she is a master of symbolism and underlying pattern, two strong motifs in my poetry which she has so beautifully made visible in her work on my books.”  Revd Dr Malcolm Guite, Priest and Poet


From students:

“Rebecca’s art lessons have rekindled my love of art, at a time in my life when I can devote some quality time to it. Her amazing historical knowledge delights as we work on her well organised lessons. She is a thoughtful and sensitive judge of our efforts and always has some constructive and positive comments for us to take home. They are thoroughly enjoyable every time”. Sue

 “Thank you, Rebecca for 3 years of thoroughly enjoyable art classes, I’m looking forward to lots more. As well as gaining confidence to tackle different genre and media you have inspired me to take up pencil, pen and brush again and to enjoy creating art once more. You are an excellent and enthusiastic teacher, always ready to share your knowledge with us. I certainly feel I have learnt a lot and the classes are such fun!” Claire